Fünf alte Kleidungsstücke die diesen Sommer wieder im Trend sind

5 old clothes that are trendy again this summer.

5 old clothes that are trendy again this summer.

The 2019 Spring and Summer season is guaranteed not to be boring! New, but also well-known trends provide for the latest outfit combinations. In this article we present you 5 pieces of clothing that you surely still have somewhere in your wardrobe and rarely or never wear, but which still belong to the latest top trends. Let yourself be inspired.

1. Flower prints

Flower prints are the absolute evergreen for every summer. They make your outfit more cheerful and look playful. You can combine them particularly well with contrasting colours and materials such as lacquer and leather.

2. Wide trousers/jersey

In spring and summer 2019, wide trousers will again be worn. Airy and comfortable, they are the perfect choice for hot summer days. These pants can be worn in different fabrics..Mostly we like to use cotton, satin, pleated or lace.

3. Jeans

Jeans, exactly! Jeans just always go! A perfect choice for interesting denim looks. Dresses, tops, trousers, overalls... the blue fabric is worn in almost every facet in spring/summer.

4. Midi skirts

The good old midi skirts are IN again and are among the must-haves of the summer/spring season 2019. the midi skirt looks back on a long fashion history as a symbol of femininity and is back again this summer. The midi skirt radiates a ladylike elegance and can be combined super with fancy high heels, but also with colorful flats.

5. The white top

Definitely a fashionable trend that we see in the summer of 2019. Fashion can sometimes be quite extravagant. Sometimes, however, surprisingly down-to-earth parts come through like a simple white top. It is a "straightforward solution". Hardly any other garment fulfils so many purposes and can be combined in so many different ways as the white top or a tank top.
We hope this post helped you to dig out some old clothes and use them for new outfits :)