Our story

What is Lovidovi?

Lovidovi is a sustainable and charismatic shoe brand. The shoes are lovingly handcrafted and produced under fair conditions. The name Lovidovi is a play on words that translates as "Share your love". Each shoe also has a small heart symbol which stands for Lovidovi's humanitarian background and for the love we invest in our shoes.

Handmade in Europe

Our Lovidovis are traditionally handcrafted in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a country with a long tradition of shoemaking. With a lot of dedication and attention to detail, shoe dreams come true here according to the old rules of the craftsmanship.


With socially responsible production, transparent working conditions and environmentally friendly natural materials, we create stylish shoes of the highest quality.

SOS Children's VIllages

With every purchase you support orphaned children. With every donation you help us provide the necessary help and a loving home. Help us give those children a new future.

Specially for you

All of our shoes are made to order. After your order, the shoe will be handcrafted specially for you and delivered to your address within approx. 10 days. With such a setup we reduce waste and help the environment

Who are we?

Lovidovi's head lies in the middle of the beautiful triangle between Germany, Switzerland and France. Here we create our new designs and develop new ideas. Even with the first sketches, we make sure that our shoes are durable, comfortable and timeless. Our heart is in Bosnia-Herzegovina, where our shoe manufacture is also located. Here our Lovidovis are handcrafted with great care and intensively tested so that you can enjoy them for a long time.

PS You can find our men's shoes at Kuvet Shoes ;)

A special experience.

The only thing that inspires us more than our products are the people who wear them. Whether you have a question, a comment or a special request, our team is there for you!

WhatsApp: (+49) 1525 100 94 29

E-mail: support@lovidovi.de