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Every purchase serves a good purpose

Together we are committed to create a better future for children in need and communities affected by poverty. More then 15% of the overall profits are directed towards charity. Through your purchases, Lovidovi  helps provide shoes, healthy food, clean water, medication and education to people in need. The initiative is directed to regions affected by poverty on the Balkans. We organize our charity activities several times a year together with our NGO partners “Kinderschuhe für Osteuropa” and “”.

Each pair counts
Lovidovi - Schuhe für Kinder in Not
Lovidovi - Schuhe für Kinder in Not
Lovidovi - Schuhe für Kinder in Not
What does the donation achieve?

Access to education

Better health

Increasing self-confidence

Our partners
How it works



Everything starts with your purchase. For every shoe you buy, we support health, education and community development programs on the Balkans. Helping improve the future of children, their families and communities in need.



 Together with our partners, who have a broad range of initiatives to support children and communities, we make sure to plan and organize everything necessary to reaches the right people.



We are constantly learning and evaluating the impact of our donations through partner feedback, field visits and mission studies. We continuously adapt our program and make it more efficient.

A short story to think about

Once upon a time there was an old man who took a walk at the seashore every morning. One day he saw a little boy carefully picking something up and throwing it into the sea.

He shouted, “Good morning. What are you doing?”

The boy stood up and answered, “I am throwing starfishes back into the sea. It’s low tide and the sun is burning down. If I don’t do it, they will die.”

“But, young man,” the old man replied, “do you actually know that there is kilometre after kilometre of beach here. And there are starfishes everywhere. You can’t possibly save everyone, that doesn’t make any sense.”

The boy listened politely, bent down, picked up a starfish and threw it with a smile into the sea:

“But for this one it makes sense!

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