Our size guide is in 95% of cases accurate.

Shoe sizeFoot lengthFoot width


from 22,75 to 23,25 cm

from 20,5 to 24,0 cm


from 23,25 to 23,75 cm

from 21,0 to 24,5 cm


from 23,75 to 24,25 cm

from 21,4 to 24,9 cm


from 24,25 to 24,75 cm

from 21,8 to 25,3 cm


from 24,75 to 25,25 cm

from 22,2 to 25,7 cm


from 25,25 to 25,75 cm

from 22,6 to 26,1 cm

We use European standard sizes on a scale from 36 to 41.
Please follow our simple size guide to make sure your shoes fit you perfectly.

3 easy steps for shoes that fit perfectly!

</p> <h4>Step 1</h4> <p>

You can measure your foot length with a simple measuring tape (meter or ruler) as shown above.

</p> <h4>Step 2</h4> <p>

It is best to measure the foot width while standing. Distribute the weight evenly over both legs and feet.

</p> <h4>Step 3</h4> <p>

Compare the values in the table (above). For the figures in the picture, the shoe size 37 is a perfect choice.

Take a good look at your feet.

In general, the length and width of a foot, which can be different for each person, are crucial for determining the correct size. However, there are also other factors that must be taken into consideration.

Is your feet it unusually shaped, particularly wide or narrow, with a high rist or rather flat? Besides the length this information is essential for choosing the right size of your Lovidovis. Please analyze your feet with the picture (on the right) for an optimal fit.

If you are trapped between two sizes (e.g. 37.5), it depends on your preference whether you should choose the larger or smaller size (38 or 37), but generally we find it safer to order the larger size. If you choose the smaller size, the shoe may feel a little tight for the first few days. However, the leather will adapt to the shape of your foot, making the shoe comfortable over time. If you choose the safer option, i.e. the larger of two sizes, you can always pull the shoes a little tighter with the laces.

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